Chromatographic packing

Microspheres and Chromatographic Fillers

Introduction of Microspheres and Chromatographic Fillers

The preparation and application technology of micro/nano polymer microspheres, silica microspheres and magnetic microspheres independently developed by Trigoats can produce microsphere products of any size and uniform particle size in the range of 50 nanometers to 100 micrometers on a large scale, and can control the composition, pore size structure, specific surface area and surface functional groups of the microspheres at the same time. The products include polymer reversed-phase chromatographic packing, ion exchange chromatographic medium, affinity chromatographic medium, hydrophobic chromatographic medium, sugar analysis chromatographic packing, gel permeation chromatographic packing, silica gel reversed-phase chromatographic packing, solid phase extraction packing, solid phase extraction column, chromatographic column, magnetic microsphere, light diffusion microsphere, liquid crystal spacer microsphere, cosmetic microsphere and pore-forming agent microsphere, etc. more than 500 kinds, and the product performance has reached or even exceeded the similar products of famous foreign brands. At present, the company's series of products have been widely used in many fields such as separation and purification of bio-medicine, food safety detection and photoelectric.

Trigoats is committed to innovation and strives to become a mature manufacturer and supplier of micro/nano microsphere products. The main products are as follows:

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