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Protein expression technology can be applied to gene regulation analysis, protein structure and function analysis, protein interaction analysis, etc. For specific applications, the use of the correct protein expression system is an important factor for the success of the experiment. When selecting a protein expression system, the most important factors to be considered are functionality, solubility, speed and yield. Sanyangkaipeptide Biotechnology Co., Ltd. has successfully constructed a complete platform for various protein expression technologies, including the expression and purification of nucleoprotein, yeast protein expression and purification, insect cell protein expression and purification, and mammalian cell protein expression and purification.

According to the needs of customers, we provide one-stop services such as gene synthesis, vector construction, gene expression, protein purification and detection.

In order to ensure the quality of protein purification, sanyangkaipeptide biology has established a strict product quality control system and a complete set of perfect customer service procedures and confidentiality system to ensure the provision of high-quality products and mature services for customers. Our protein team has more experience in optimizing gene codons, designing and constructing expression vectors, selecting fusion objects and labels, selecting specific protein purification systems, optimizing protein production processes, etc. Can meet the personalized needs of customers.

Expression and Purification of Protonuclear Protein

Prokaryotic protein expression systems generally use Escherichia coli as the host cell. It is to insert the target genes of plants, animals, microorganisms, etc. into suitable vectors and then introduce them into Escherichia coli to express a large number of target proteins. Due to the advantages of fast cell proliferation, short culture period, high expression, convenient purification, good stability, strong anti-pollution ability, easy amplification and low cost, the protonuclear protein expression system is by far the most mature and reliable, the most commonly used and the most economical expression system in protein expression experiments. This method of protonuclear protein expression has applications in protein purification, localization and functional analysis.

The technical service of nucleoprotein expression is charged according to the steps. You can choose to provide the service from any one of the following steps or only select a single step. Please inquire about the detailed price.

Please refer to the relevant contents for the technical services of early molecular biology.
Service features:

1. provide a variety of expression vectors and E. coli cells to realize a one-stop solution from gene to protein expression and purification and complete your experimental design

2、The technology is mature and stable, and the methods and means are complete.

3、The service period is short.

Prokaryotic protein expression and purification services:
1、Gene synthesis.

The cDNA sequence of the target protein is searched from the gene, and codon optimization is carried out on the cDNA according to the selected expression system. Provide customers: synthesize designed gene sequences and sequencing sequences.

Time: 1~2 weeks

2、Vector Construction (Design and Construction of Expression Vectors, Selection of Fusion Objects and Labels).

Amplify and extract the constructed expression plasmid.

The expression plasmid was transformed into an efficient E. coli expression strain.

The expression plasmid was transformed into an efficient E. coli expression strain.

SDS-PAGE electrophoresis was used to detect the expression of the target protein in the strain, and suitable monoclonal strains were selected for the expression of the target protein.

Provide customers: expression strains of recombinant plasmids and expression detection reports.

Time: 1~2 weeks

3、The recombinant bacteria were cultured in shake flask to induce expression of target protein.

The expression of temperature, time and IPTG concentration were optimized to induce the expression of the target protein.

The expressed recombinant protein was purified by affinity chromatography, ion exchange chromatography, hydrophobic chromatography and gel filtration.

Use protease to remove unnecessary purification Tag, and then purify to obtain desired target protein (optional, appropriate protease cleavage site should be added when constructing expression vector).

Trigoatsco., ltd. will detect the results of each step by SDS-PAGE electrophoresis and control the final product quality.

Western-blot was used to verify the correctness of the target protein.

Provide customers: purified target protein and purification report. The final protein containing purified Tag or excised purified Tag can be provided according to customer's requirements, and the purity can reach above 95%.

Time: 2~3 weeks

4、Large-scale protein preparation.

The protein production process was optimized. Enlarge the production scale according to the pilot process to prepare qualified protein products required by customers.

Provide customers: qualified target protein and service report.

Time: negotiation

5、Protein renaturation service.

Using different renaturation buffer systems, a small amount of renaturation test is carried out on the target protein to provide renaturated samples for customer detection. A small amount of renaturated protein can be prepared according to the requirements of customers and the renaturation conditions of one of the samples. Trigoatsco., ltd. can provide specific renaturation buffer formula and renaturation process.

Others: endotoxin removal, sterilization, freeze-drying and other further processing.

Others: endotoxin removal, sterilization, freeze-drying and other further processing.

Provide customers: processed final products and related experimental and testing reports.

Time: 1~2 weeks

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